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UV CURING UNITS: Doming Resin Cures Super Fast ... IN SECONDS !!

Application Use for Resin and Epoxy UV curing:

Name Badges, Boat/Cars decals & lettering, Vinyl Graphics, Jewelry resin, promotional items, etc...


Product Advantage.

This NEW UV light source compared to traditional fluorescent lamps will cure the doming resin in seconds, due to the following:

*  Ultraviolet Short Wavelength works on the resin surface.
*  Ultraviolet Long Wavelength works in the deep layer of the resin.


Available in three sizes (uv curing areas)

*  Model12:    12" x 6" x 3"  (30.8cm x 14.8cm x 8.6cm) Power: 60 Watt,     Price $149 
*  Model22:    22" x 6" x 3"  (56cm x 14.8cm x 8.6cm)    Power: 200 Watt,   Price $249
*  Model32:    32" x 6" x 3"  (81.5cm x 14.8cm x 8.6cm) Power: 300 Watt,   Price $349

"3D" DOMING RESINS  1 Component - UV Cured in SECONDS!!!
"CRYSTAL CLEAR" resin is also available now with GLITTER, "GLOW in DARK"

   Applications: name badges, car & boat lettering/decals, advertising & promotional items, etc...

  • available in Rigid or Soft/Flexible dome finish. - NO MIXING

  • great for outdoor and indoor applications.

  • cures under: UV light source (365-395nm) in seconds.

  • create a three-dimensional, crystal-clear lens to enhance the look and feel of your products.

  • easy application, economical doming •  elegant • distinctive liquid lens appearance • adds value to your product • no discolor or cracks.

Production Systems, Supplies and 3D Domed Samples
We Offer:  (DIY) Dome it Yourself Kits, Complete Automated Doming Systems and Supplies

Model 55 Doming System and Dispenser
Model 48 System & Dispenser
Model 1213 System & Dispenser
Automatic Dispenser
Model 55 Starter Kit
3D-Doming Resin - 1 part uv cured
Domed vinyl lettering
Heat transfer of domed vinyl
Trophies & Awards domed
Name Badges & Lapel Pins
Expand your existing business by adding doming to many intriguing applications:
Name Badges, Heat transfer, Labels/Decals, Advertising & Promotional, etc...

Logo-3D professional kits and systems allow you to offer a new service of decorating and enhancing the look and feel on:

Name badges, Stichable badges, sublimated & engraved items, vinyl cuts, emblems, decals, vinyl script letters, labels, jewelry, photos, key fobs, magnets, medallions, lapel pins, trophies, awards etc.


Logo-3D technology forms a crystal clear, high gloss dome, giving a 3D lens effect and it creates a protective coating from scratches on your domed item.

This new development is based on a UV cured one component doming resin that will fulfill the niche 3D doming orders within minutes and at the same time attract new customers.


This new technology has made the 2- component cartridge kits and systems OBSOLETE, due to high cost, precision mixing of 2 components and its short time usage, inconsistency in good quality end product and length of process up to 48 hours of drying before use of product.

Discover the equipment and materials behind 3D doming technology and how to incorporate it into your production workflow.

The Mechanics of 3D Doming

The process relies primarily on 3 components:

  1. 3D Resin from which the dome is formed

  2. UV curing light exposure unit

  3. Any items that you want to 3D dome, ex: decals, name badges, labels, etc...

Dispense the resin on the surface of the item, the resin spreads until it reaches the edges forming a dome due to surface tension.

After uv curing the domed item for several minutes, your product is ready for use!

FREE SAMPLE- Send us any item you would like to see domed and we will return it to you with the 3D Dome effect.

Contact:    Logo3Doming LLC,  P.O. Box 4092, Stamford, CT  06907  U.S.A.   Email:

 Phone #:  +1 (203) 979-8714

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