3D Fly Tie Fishing Sunlight/UV Cure Resin and Supplies.

Build fly tie bodies and heads with "3D" fly tie resin!

The best-selling "3DFly Tie resin on the market!





New Development… 1 component resin cured with UV light pen within seconds.


“3Dimension” effect fly tie resin is a multi-purpose UV cure resin developed specifically for fly tiers and is available in Rigid or Soft & Flexible finish.


  • It is tack-free, glossy and crystal clear when uv cured.

  • Cures within seconds under a uv light (380-430nm wave length), so you can work with the resin as long as you want.

  • Use the tip of the bottle to distribute the resin and build up the shape you want.

  • There is no mixing or preparation process, this one component uv cured resin is used right out of the bottle.

  • Does not smell and no toxic fumes

  • Great viscosity, lays well on the materials

  • It penetrates materials and it works as a substitute for head or body.

  • It is ideal for coating bodies on tiny midges, adding strength and structure to fur, feathers or hackle. 


"3DFly Tying CRYSTAL CLEAR uv resin, 10gr





Cost per bottle $6.99


Usage:  Dispense directly from the bottle onto your fly tie and cure it with uv pen.



"3DFly Tying COLOR UV resin, 10gr



Cost for all colors $47.99



 UV Fly Tying Light Laser Pen for Resin Curing <5 mw Fly Fishing


Laser diode pen is a uv light for curing fly tying resins, it delivers a pinpoint beam of uv light for super accuracy.  Ideal for use on all types of flies.





Length: 15.6cm / 6.1''  --  Weight: 31.5g / 1.1oz  -- Max Output Power: <5MW --  Batteries are not included.


Cost for one UV Light Pen $7.99 


Samples of finished Fly Ties

Rigid finish