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Brand New “3-Dimensional” Fly Tying resins & UV Light Pens.


1.  Crystal Clear Resin in three variations: (thick - hard, thin - hard,  flexible - soft)
2.  Glow in the Dark, Polarization Pearl, Pearl & Color


Cost per bottle $9.99

UV Light Laser Pen for Resin Curing.

Laser diode pen is a UV light for curing fly tying resins, it delivers a pinpoint beam of uv light for super accuracy.

Ideal for use on all types of flies.

Length: 15.6cm / 6.1'' -- Weight: 31.5g / 1.1oz -- Max Output Power: <5MW -- Batteries are not included.    








Cost for all colors $63.99


USAGE:  Dispense directly from the bottle onto your fly tie and cure it with UV light laser pen.


 Multi Colors in:

Glow in the Dark, Polarization Pearl, Pearl & Color

Cost for one UV Light Pen $12.99 

Cost per bottle $9.99

Samples of finished Fly Ties using resins.

Crystal Clear & Colors Package Deal

NOTE:  For Additional Colors, please email us at:

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